What We Offer

I provide a wide range of services as a digital marketer to businesses and organizations to help them improve their online presence, connect with their target market and meet their marketing objectives.

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Our web design services provide customized solutions to create visually stunning and highly functional websites that attract users and drive online success.

Unlock your ecommerce potential with high converting website development: Drive sales, increase revenue, and delight customers with a seamless online shopping experience!

Discover the art of super professional photography: capture moments with unmatched precision, creativity and expertise!


Ignite Your Brand with Professional Graphic Designing Services: Unleash the Power of Visual Communication and Make a Lasting Impression!

Email marketing is a type of direct digital marketing method that uses emails to engage with a business’s audiences.

Accelerate Your Amazon & Flipkart Growth with Our Expert Services: Maximize Sales, Expand Market Reach, & Outperform the Competition!

Providing support for our digital marketing services

Our approach to providing digital marketing services is all-encompassing and maximises online visibility while fostering business growth with specialised strategies, creative strategies, and measurable results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is at the forefront of our service offerings, where we carefully examine the structure of your website, carry out extensive keyword research, and optimise your content to achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages. We work to improve your website’s exposure, increase organic traffic, and increase conversions through a combination of on-page and off-page optimisation.

In our all-encompassing digital marketing strategy, social media marketing is crucial. In order to increase brand exposure, user interaction, and build a devoted customer base, we create tailored social media campaigns across a variety of platforms using captivating material, eye-catching imagery, and targeted audience categorization. We modify our strategy through social listening and data-driven analysis to achieve optimal performance and precise audience targeting.

We continue to use email marketing as a potent weapon to directly reach your audience with relevant and interesting content. We assist you in cultivating leads, keeping customers, and promoting conversions through the creation of compelling newsletters and automated drip programmes. To continuously improve email campaigns and achieve the highest open, click-through, and participation rates, we use A/B testing and analytics.

What Our Clients Say

I do not have access to specific customer testimonials or real time data. However, I can provide you with some general statements that customers often say about digital services.

"The digital services provided by "Yeladka" have greatly improved our business efficiency and productivity."
"We are extremely satisfied with the digital solutions offered by "Yeladka". They have helped us streamline our processes and save time."
“Thanks to the digital services provided by "Yeladka", we have experienced a substantial increase in sales and revenue.”

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Absolutely! I am here to help you expand your company. Whether you’re looking for marketing strategy, tips for business growth, or general guidance on scaling your operations, I can provide direction and assistance. Please let me know what specific topics interest you or what difficulties you are currently facing so that I can help you get started.